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Practice Areas

We are a general practice firm, but each attorney has his or her own areas of focus. Clients benefit from the individual attention paid to each legal issue raised with the breadth of experience of a full service general practice law firm.

The practice areas in this section represent broad categories of our most common areas of practice. This is not an exhaustive list. If you are looking for assistance in a particular area and don't see it listed, please contact the firm for information as to whether we can help.

FAMILY LAWYERS Serving Southern VT

Our firm represents individuals in all aspects of family law including divorce and separation, child custody and visitation, paternity/parentage, alimony and child support. Family law is a complex area of legal practice that often requires significant time and resources to resolve the issues that arise. We believe that careful planning and active representation can have positive results. We assist clients with issues that arise before, during and after a marriage with the goal of protecting and promoting positive relationships where possible and reducing the potential for difficulties when relationships fail. We work diligently to protect our clients through these changes.

Contacts – Family Law: John C. Mabie, Samuel H. Angell or Aimee R. Goddard.

Family Law


Our firm represents individuals in all aspects of estate planning and administration, including Elder Law and Medicaid planning/asset protection for long-term care. We believe that estate planning is best done as a team effort that involves our clients, their accountants, insurance agents, their financial planners, trust officers, and other advisers.

We assist our clients in planning for the management and disposition of their assets through documents such as wills, trust agreements, and durable powers of attorney. In doing so, we advise our clients on the form of ownership of their assets, and the beneficiary designations for their retirement accounts and life insurance policies. In addition, we also assist our clients in making decisions for their health care, should they become unable to make those decisions themselves, through advance directives.

We further assist our clients with all aspects of probate and trust administration, and with the preparation of the attendant tax returns, including Vermont and Federal Fiduciary and Estate Tax Returns. We also help families prepare Medicaid applications and work with the families as they prepare for long-term care and health care decision-making.

Contacts – Estate Planning: Jonathan D. Secrest or Amelia W.L. Darrow.

Estate Planning, Elder Law/and Probate Administration


Our firm primarily represents Plaintiffs, and occasionally Defendants, in all aspects of personal injury and civil litigation. Our initial goal in personal injury matters is to handle each individual case efficiently so our clients may focus on receiving the medical treatment necessary for their recuperation. We communicate directly with insurance companies on the client’s behalf and address payment of medical bills. Although many cases are successfully resolved at mediation, we focus our attention on preparing each case as though it will proceed to trial. We also address Medicaid, Medicare and ERISA concerns. Our litigators have extensive trial experience in other civil and commercial cases, we fully investigate the facts and the law, and prepare diligently for trial, while remaining open to negotiated settlement. We represent clients on appeal to the Vermont Supreme Court where we have a proven track record.

Contacts – Personal Injury or Civil Litigation: John C. Mabie, Samuel H. Angell or Aimee R. Goddard.

Personal Injury /and Civil Litigation


Our firm represents clients who are charged with any violation of criminal law with the goal of an acquittal or reduced sentence. We assist clients through the criminal justice system, including representation at the first court hearing, the arraignment, the discovery process that occurs before trial, the filing of pre-trial motions, the taking of any necessary depositions, the trial before a jury or judge and the sentencing in the event of a plea or a conviction. When a client desires to appeal an adverse decision to the Vermont Supreme Court or Federal Appeals Court, we represent clients through that process as well.

Contacts – Criminal Matters: John C. Mabie, Samuel H. Angell or Aimee R. Goddard.

Criminal Defense


Our firm handles all areas of real estate matters including the transfer of property, disputed issues, and development. We believe that many property related issues can be resolved with proper planning and active representation from our experienced attorneys. We assist clients with purchasing and selling real property, with developing and leasing residential and commercial premises. We work with financing and realty agents for purchase and refinancing. We work with towns and agencies on permitting issues. In disputes involving real property, including boundary lines, easements and tax appeals, we vigorously represent our clients seeking a positive resolution.

Contacts – Real Estate, Land Use & Environmental Law: John C. Mabie, Jonathan D. Secrest, Samuel H. Angell, Amelia W.L. Darrow or Aimee R. Goddard.

Real Estate


Our firm represents individuals and businesses in handling their corporate matters. At the outset, we help clients develop a corporate entity with the creation of a Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, 501(c)(3) Designated Not For Profit organizations and Tradename Registrations. We advise compliance issues. In ongoing business transactions, we draft contracts and licenses, and advise clients on issues related to protecting and managing business assets.

Contacts – Corporate: John C. Mabie, Samuel H. Angell or Amelia W.L. Darrow.

Corporate Law

Intellectual Property Lawyers Serving Southern VT

Our firm represents individuals and businesses in properly developing and protecting their intellectual property. Often creative rights are not properly identified, registered, managed and protected. If managed correctly, intellectual capital can be turned into revenue sources and protected from infringement that could otherwise result in diminished returns and loss of rights. We help clients register and defend copyrights and trademarks, assist with managing assets by developing work-for-hire contracts and licenses, and transferring technology development rights. This can result in brand enhancement and improved returns for clients.

Contacts – Intellectual Property: Amelia W.L. Darrow.

Intellectual Property Law

Employment Lawyers Serving Southern VT

Our firm represents both employees and employers in all matters involving the employment relationship. Our goal is to contribute to a healthy, thriving workplace for both employers and employees. We advise on employment contracts, and non-compete and non-solicitation agreements. We review and advise on employment policies and procedures. We assist in the prosecution or defense of discrimination claims related to age, race, national origin, and gender. We also work with sexual harassment, whistle-blower retaliation, and wrongful separation claims. We also represent clients enforcing employment contracts and on wage and benefit issues.

Contacts – Employment Law: John C. MabieSamuel H. Angell or Aimee R. Goddard.

Employment Law

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Serving Southern VT

Our firm represents workers injured on the job. Such injuries can be either immediate and traumatic or a gradual onset caused by repetitive motion. Our legal team works efficiently to ensure the injured worker receives the benefits that he or she is entitled to, including temporary total disability benefits, permanent partial disability benefits, medical benefits and vocational rehabilitation benefits. In some cases, an injury results in the permanent total disability or the untimely death of a worker. Occasionally the insurance company covering an employer will deny a claim for benefits. We work diligently to ensure payment of all entitled benefits.

Contacts – Workers’ Compensation: John C. Mabie, Samuel H. Angell or Aimee R. Goddard.

Workers' Compensation